Pure Electric SUV

Agile and characteristic Styling

“Rabbit”elements on exterior
17-inch contrast color aluninium rims
All LED headlight
Column-mounted shifter
Duel color seats
5 exterior colors
3 themed interiors

Smart cockpit

12.3 inch Centre Control Panel
Qualcomm Snapdragon 8-core processor
Amber OS Self-developed Ambor OS
256-color ambient lighting
Online navigation / Music / FM etc.

Outstanding performance

WLTP range 325km
70kW 3 in 1 electric motor
highest Speed 130km/h
Chassis tuning by Mira
CTP battery pack
High security BMS
Lithium iron phosphate battery
Multiple active & passive safety features
Comfortable roominess
Body length: 4035mm
Wheelbase: 2480mm
Grund clearance: 165mm
5 door 5 seats SUV
Boot volume : 310L
4/6 foldable rear seats


Yudo’s styling is inspired by a nimble and agile rabbit. The front face design looks like a rabbit face, and the headlights resemble the piercing rabbit eye. The lowered front of the car is combined with the full rear end and the smooth back slips, showing the tension of the curved surface.

LED Headlight

Styled spoiler

C-shape blacken-through-style taillight

17-inch Aluminum alloy rim

Exterior Highlights

LED headlights
integrating Hb and Lb, 3-section LED turn signal as well as internal blackened lamp cavity deliver a unique cool look.

Integrated AC and DC charging ports on the front for convenient charging

Aerodynamic outlet at both ends of front bumper, not only enhance the dynamic styling, but also reduce wind drag and energy consumption, allows thus longer range at the same battery level.

Premium BEV body configuration
0.615 wheelbase length ratio leading in the class, represents a superior “four wheel at four corners” charactoristic of high-end pure electric vehicles.

17-inch low wind drag aluminum rim
Four-spoke rims effectively reduce wind drag and engery consumption, the contrast color matt black and glossy silver make a rich visual hierachy.

Driver door keyless entry

The upward-end through-style taillight like the bubble butt of a forward leaping rabbit, delivers a unique and dynamic back view.

The slim rabbit ear styled spoilor, greatly increases aerodynamic performance,
reduce the turbulance zone, and realize lower driving battery consumption.

Interior Highlights

Music ambient light 256-color stepless adjustable ambient light, unique in the class, 3 modes available: always on, breathing and musical rhythm. Create your own atmosphere!

Handy Column-mounted shifter. Yudo adopts a column-mounted shifter, which not only arises premium and sophisticated perception, but also allow onvenient operation and save more space for storage at front end of the console

Wireless charging compatible with most mainstream mobile phones, charging power 15W, supporting QI protocol, no anxiety about range for both your car and mobile phone.

3 Themed Interiors

Blossoming dream Journey Style
Interior of pink tonality opens with a gentle and sweet dream, reckons the young girl heart, and makes every drive a dream journey.
(Only available in combination with body color in Plum blossom pink)

Cyberpunk Style
with joint color block in grey and black outlined by fluorescent yellow deco lines, compose a feeling of the dissemilar space as in science fictions.
(Only available in combination with Galatic Grey body color)

Bright shadow in dark night Style
Black is a timeless color, versatile and withstands scrutiny, which also imprint this interior, seemingly low-profile, actually distinctive.
(Available in combination with body color in moon white, sky blue and mountain green)

Body color inspired by nature

Galactic grey

Sky Blue

Plum Blossom Pink

Moon White

Mountain Green

Smart Cockpit

Strong Hardware

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8-core processor, seldom adopted in ths class, combined with 3G and 32G Flash memory and 32G internal memory ensure smooth multi-task and multi-scene application.

Self-Developed Amber OS

Amber OS adopt a concise and clear visual styling. The main interface design is inspired by opera play scenery, creating a unique 3D inpression of space.

12.3 inch UHD Centre Control Panel


12.3 inch screen ultra narrow border and ultrathin design, AG / AR / AF surface glass and piano black frame as well as matt black back perfectly suit the style of the whole interior.


Adopted BOE incell technology, resolution 1920*720, refresh rate 60Hz, brightness 1000+nit, color depth 16.7M delivery a clear, sophisticated visual impression.


The touch screen supports 5+ point touch and highly precise 120Hz touch response, ensures good HMI experience.

Outstanding Performance

Leading Range Performance in the Class

325km WLTP range leading in the class,
sufficient for daily commuting and intercity trip.
No anxiety about range, just set off without delay.

Powerful Driving at Will

Yudo is equipped with a 70kW 3 in 1 integrated electric drive system. Its 0-50km/h accelaration takes only 4.2s, and its highest speed reach 130km/h. It has four driving modes: Normal/ECO/ Sport and low battery. One click opening low battery mode at need, which will provide 10 km extra emergency range to cope with urgent cases.

Superior Dynamic Performance in the Class

Yudo’s chassis tuning is handled by international top team HORIBA MIRA, which also served luxury brands such as Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin etc. Outstanding chassis performance compared with competitors is guaranteed by MIRA’s mature and strict tuning program.

Enhanced Battery Safety

Smoker sensor and voltage & temperature detestation added in initial design of BMS system, which greatly imrpove the accuracy of thermal runaway, and thus increase battery safety further.

Multiple Active and Passive Safety Features

Airbags for driver and co-driver, vehicle backup camera, and electric parking radar, Auto Hold etc, multiple active and passrive safety features safeguard your safety.

Outstanding Roominess & Storage

Body dimension 4035mmx1736mmx1625mm and wheelbase 2480mm are leading in the class, thanks to its larger wheelbase and and superior layout K3
provides with not only convenient and easeful experience for everyone in the car, but also possesses multiple accessible storage space.

310L boot volume combined with 4/6 foldable rear seats allows flexible storage space of different travel purposes.