As customer’s demands increase and expectations for integrated services are constantly higher,
for companies, all business executives have to adopt a holistic approach in their daily operations.
We in ECO//SUN – ecocar, always try to operate and perform at the highest levels of our industry’s standards.
We believe that credibility, quality, know-how, excellent service and the industry’s foresight are the cornerstones
of our company and the blueprint of our future development.

Kazantzidis Georgios


ECO//SUN – ecocar

ECO//SUN – ecocar is a team of experienced professionals who holds the necessary academic education, professional training, know-how and experience, to start and continue its activity in the field of power generating (electricity units), from renewable energy sources.
After the successful installation of power systems in various parts of the Greece, the company extended its activities to other sectors, such as the installation of photovoltaic systems, the modern aluminum support systems, the special constructions and the co-production of electric cars.
For more than 2 decades, ECO//SUN – ecocar has built a large number of projects, creating thus a broad and extensive portfolio of manufacturing and installing renewable energy power units with an emphasis on large-scale projects and small projects, as well but with an extended range of applications.


Our corporate philosophy guides and determines our professional attitude.
Our commitment to quality, innovation, reliability, the detailed approach of every professional activity, the combination of experience and know-how as well as the meticulous support of our customers and representatives are the “lighthouses” that lead us to our daily effort to conquer the top of every market in which we operate and therefor gain the reputation of an absolutely reliable and fair company, for the manufacturing and marketing electric cars.


Based on our corporate philosophy, our principles are:
Integrity and respect
Transparency and honesty
Professionalism and reliability
Commitment and implementation
Innovation and technology
Research and Creativity
Excitement and friendliness
Environmental and social responsibility
Quality and high performance


Our company researches, designs, markets, manufactures, guarantees and puts into operation systems at both residential and industrial level, such as:
Generation of electricity using photovoltaics
Generation of electricity using wind turbines
Back-up systems
Power generators
Energy Systems Automations
Solar Pumps


Electric Cars
The company steps in the automotive industry but always maintaining its initial orientation, which guides us and directs us to the co-production, import and market, electric cars only.
THE ecocar
Ecocar, the first electric vehicle of ECO//SUN, was launched in Thessaloniki in September 2017 and in a very short time succeede to “conquer” the markets of many cities in Greece and abroad.
ECO//SUN – ecocar is based on the experience and know-how of its Project Management Team, thus enabling it to undertake any project and at any stage this might be.


By definition, ECO//SUN – ecocar is a fully environmental friendly company holding all the necessary certifications from the responsible organizations while is cooperating with Greenpeace, the largest and most active ecological organization, globally.
ECO//SUN – ecocar’s policy is fully aligned with the Greek and European legislation, promoting the renewable energy sources in Greece by giving the example itself. The company’s facilities in Lakkoma Halkidiki Greece, operate with renewable energy sources, always aiming to sustain, the zero environmental footprint of its activity.
The “electric” car of our company “ecocar”, which offers reliable solutions to meet the urban traffic needs of urban residents, is also moving within the above frameworks.


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