Important incentives for the acquisition of Professional Electric Vehicles in the NEW Subsidized “Green Productive Investment” Programs.

Get informed now about the important subsidy possibilities offered by the new “Green Productive Investment ” program for the use of electric commercial vehicles!

The ecocar Professional Electric Vehicles offer a 25% increase in the subsidy rate of “Green Productive Investment Programs”.
Alternatively, they can be purchased with a 3,000 € subsidy (cost from 8,900 € + VAT) based on the “Move Electric 2” Program.

They also provide important purchase incentives for any interested professional:

  • 150% depreciation of the value in 2 Years
  • Travel costs 1-1.5 euros / 100 km
  • Autonomy up to 300 km
  • Free Parking in all municipal controlled parking spaces, even paid ones
  • 0% down payment and up to 84 installments
  • Possibility of Maintenance / Freezer Chamber (ecocar city van)
  • Available for delivery in all colors and models
  • Very Low Maintenance Cost

ecocar can make you smile again and again!!!

Are you worried about the significant increase in the cost of using and running your commercial vehicles?

Do you wish to strengthen the ecological profile of your business?

Instantly upgrade your business, take control and maximise the benefits from the options we offer you!