Why choose ecocar?

Why choose ecocar?

You can find below some reasons for choosing the ecocar.

Financial reasons

1. Minimum consumption with only 1 € / 100km
2. Zero traffic taxes
3. Extremely low service cost
4. Very low insurance cost
5. Return of buing cost within two years due to low consumption

Technological reasons

1. A state-of-the-art technology
2. Build-in MP5 Player which offers multiple options and operations to amuse and help while driving.
3. New Generation Batteries

Ecological reasons

1. No emissions – no pollution
2. Totally noiseless
3. Recyclable

Practical reasons

1. Suitable for urban traffic
2. Flexibility and ease of driving
3. Flexibility and ease of parking
4. Independence from fuel shortages and petrol station strikes
5. Charging at your own place with a simple 220v socket (home – work)