MP5 Users Guide

How does the mp5 work ?

The main display has a total of 14 icons, from which you can perform a different function.
In system settings you will find the following 4 functions groups :
1. Video Settings
2. General Settings
3. System Information
4. Sound volume adjustment.
In addition, Bluetooth connectivity is available for phone calls, recording the call, playing music of your choice, and many more.
It has a USB port and an SD card for photos and video shave.
There is a radio with stations memorizing feature.
There is also a GPS installed for easy destination guidance.
There is a calendar with the feature to save events, a calculator and two games as well.
The screen is compatible with all known Media Player formats: mp3, mp4a, mp4, wav and wma.
It is recommended to use Windows Media Player to convert files.