ECO-CAR: Kυκλοφορεί με 1 ευρώ/100 χλμ και φορτίζει στην πρίζα του σπιτιού

Very easy to park as it fits into the place of dumpster, since its overall width does not exceed the height of an eight-years old child.
It costs as much as the cost for heating a house in winter.
You can charge it with a simple “socket” of a home, as the electric load it requires is the same with the load needed to operate a vacuum cleaner.
The cost to run 100 kilometers is only one euro. Although it is produced within a large unit in the world’s capital of electrification, the vast China, its “heart  beats” with Greek know-how. This is the Ecocar, a purely electric two-seater city car, with batteries, controllers and electric subsystems based on Greek know-how.
The ecocar will be soon appear in the Greek and European market, in large quantities within 2018.


Πηγή: http://www.amna.gr

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